Losing weight — and keeping it off — is a lot easier when you have expert guidance from the leader in weight loss and its supportive community. WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) just rolled out its most customized program ever, and it's poised to continue to help millions of members around the world accomplish their weight-loss and wellness goals in 2020. With myWW™, each new member takes a personal assessment which matches them with a customized program that can make losing weight easier.

While many members follow and succeed on the WW program using the WW app, those who would like a little extra expert guidance and consistent support swear by the weekly WW Workshops to keep them accountable and help them stay on track. WW Coaches host weekly 30-minute Workshops at over 800 studios nationwide.

Linda Lawrence is a WW Coach at WW Studio Largo, WW Studio Pinellas Park and WW Studio Palm Harbor. (WW Coaches are all previous members who have lost weight with WW and now share their knowledge and support with WW members at weekly Workshops.) Learn more about her weight-loss journey and get inspired!

Linda: In 2001, I was miserable because of my weight. I didn't want my picture taken, I didn't want to be up in front of crowds, I didn't want to buy clothes, and I didn't want to go out of the house. But my job demanded I do all of those things. I remembered how good it felt, many years before, when I lost weight with WW, and I wanted to feel that confidence around people once again.

I knew I wanted to be remembered by my grandchildren for something other than having to be helped off the floor after playing board games, etc., so I decided to return to WW. It wasn't easy to walk through the door of my first Workshop back, but had a great experience that led me to rejoin. When I rejoined and finally got on the scales, I saw was 100 pounds over my goal weight. I wanted to run, hide and cry.

But as the weeks passed and the pounds dropped, I learned I was more than a number on the scale. I also learned I was not alone, and many members have felt the same way.

After losing 108 pounds and returning to my goal weight, I knew that I wanted to work for WW because it would help me keep the weight off and remind me about everything else I gained with WW. I also wanted the world to know that WW works!

Linda: I think the versatility of the customized plans, tailored to each member's lifestyle, is what makes myWW so exciting. You are not pushed into a mold that makes us do what everyone else is doing. We are all different.

Linda: The local WW Studio is a pleasant place where we can just be ourselves. We come to learn, to gain support, to be motivated and to relax. It helps us realize that many others have felt the same way that we have felt at different times throughout our journey. We also have a weigh-in area where the scale and weigh-in are private and confidential. The guides and Coaches love what they do and love people.

Linda: Some of the things we look at are foods, nutritional values, etc. We discuss being able to develop a positive mindset and learn how to handle difficult situations. We learn how important it is for our physical health and mental health to do some form of activity. We do not have to be weight lifters or marathon runners, either — we can do the things that we are physically able to do and things we like.

Linda: Probably the best tip I can give is to relax. Know when your special food-centered events are happening and do some planning. Use those ZeroPoint food options, extra Points and think about visiting with those you enjoy and not about "all that food" they expect you to eat. (WW's proprietary SmartPoints™ system simplifies complex nutritional information into a simple number to easily guide your eating decisions to support weight loss. ZeroPoint foods form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern, and are foods you don't have to track! Depending on your customized plan, they can include foods like chicken breast, fat-free Greek yogurt, all vegetables and more.) Eat the things you want in moderation, and know that you are OK. Ask yourself, "Is this item worth it?"

Linda: Health is something we need on a daily — not seasonal — basis. Staying healthy when we are not facing major changes or stress helps us to handle each of those events when they occur.

Linda: When I see the members achieve healthier lifestyles, and I see their excitement in accomplishing things that are important to them, it's hugely motivating to me. I get paid, yes, but the true payment comes from seeing growth and accomplishments by the members. Also, I love to learn, and we are constantly being fed facts, research and new findings on food and lifestyles.

Linda: My WW family is just that — a family. After returning home from one of the Workshops where I was a Coach, my husband met me at the door and shared that our daughter in Oklahoma had been killed in an automobile accident. The shock and pain was only bearable because of my faith and my WW co-workers, my territory manager (Jen McTigue) and the members in my meetings.

A year later, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor shared that since I was in such good health otherwise, my prognosis was very good. I thought, "Thank you, WW — you have taught me that a healthy lifestyle is so important."

While recuperating, I gained 10 pounds, but it didn't take long before I felt the weight coming off. It wasn't because of me but because I trusted the program. I had the support of my church, my physical family and my WW family. I know that I can stay healthy and active, and I know that I am "worth it." I want the world to feel the same way.

WW is a weight-loss program that takes a people-focused, science-backed approach to promoting weight loss and healthy living. Its new program, myWW, is fully customized to make losing weight easier for you.

When you join myWW, you'll start with a personal assessment that asks a range of questions about your unique food preferences, activity level, lifestyle and approach to weight loss. Based on your responses, WW will scientifically match you with a customized, proven weight-loss plan that can make losing weight easier.

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Every person in the WW Studio is on your side! The friendly guides and expert Coaches will quickly become your greatest motivators and sources of support to make 2020 the year you reach your weight-loss goals!

Workshops held at WW Studio locations cover topics that are relevant to weight loss, health and wellness. You can participate as much or as little as you want. There are WW Workshops during the morning, afternoon and evening, seven days a week. This gives you flexibility to attend the Workshop time/day/location that works for during any particular week and ensure your accountability network is always accessible.

Based on years of research, the WW Workshop curriculum is always evolving to bring the best science-backed techniques to help you lose weight and build healthy habits for life.

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