While there are still a number of brewers looking to build big productions systems, the market is seeing a shift to local brewpubs. Smaller retail space in higher density areas leaves less room for large systems. Heeding this call from the market, BrewFab is debuting a new, simple and smart 5-bbl Brewpub Skid.

“One of the biggest reasons we created this system was due to requests from previous production breweries opening second locations or looking for a pilot system to compliment a large brewhouse,” said Ryan Hice, a sales rep with BrewFab USA.

Don’t underestimate a 5-bbl system. If you have the cellar space, double batching beers four days a week can see annual production volumes in the thousands. Brewers can create a more diverse recipe offering as well as use local and expensive adjuncts that may not have been economically feasible for large systems.

“We offer a steam version that will connect with existing boiler lines as well as small electric boilers.

BrewFab’s 6 ft by 10 ft unit could be installed and ready to brew the day it is delivered with little assembly required.

“Making sure plumbing and gas lines are run and ready to hook up is the biggest box to check,” Hice said. “We make sure that you know exactly where the system is going and your team knows what they need to get it in place. Proper planning saves so much time and gives us a chance to spend time with your brewer on the system walking through processes.”

2 Vessel Brewhouse Factory OEM/ODM Products

“American manufacturers find it hard to compete with cheap Chinese imports, and first time brewers on a budget have traditionally shied away from domestic builders mainly because of cost,” Hice said. “Because of that, a lot of American shops won’t bother to build anything smaller than a 10-bbl tank. We offer a much higher quality parts, welds and design function than the imports.”

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